Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blur for my future

dont know what can i do
no idea is that i am in the right way
getting freezzz of that
what to do?
no idea
just which someone can guide
but then
i am not kids anymore
i need to be independent
i cant rely on others anymore
not cant but then not so much
wish someone can be beside me
even a silent accompany
i wish to have too
really~ Damn need it!
future? as what?
manager like what Dr rod say?
no way! i just can be manazer
event planner like what i am study now?
No way it totally diff from my mind!
i mean like what i study is totally not i expect!
ha leh lu ya
hope i can use to it soon
and yet
should i mail to my lec to ask about myself in the class?