Saturday, November 28, 2009

someone back

ARGh this few days also sleep at 4am and wake up at 9 something
busy packing-busy moving-busy studying-busy blogging =.=
exam on the corner and i have no idea
i did not prepare yet T^T
SOS help me~~~
got to go~ sleep soon

someone is goin to back at later maybe morning? or afternoon? or evening? or night?
don't know =.=
just wanna tell that someone
i very guai when you are not around just i miss you which i said to you that i will not ><
do you remember the dolphin or you forget?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

pray hard ><

I hope he is enjoy his time in his trip right now...
he say if his mood is nice maybe i can get my present ><><''
anyway i told he that i will pray for he so that he enjoy his moment then i can get the present from he

Time fflliiiieeesss XD
is just like i just move from my hometown to here for study but now i am prepare to pack home
yiaksxx my room now so messy until i have no idea how to pack because i shop too much at here
anyway exam on the way and it make me stress again
INSOMNIA oh my gosh! QM!QM!QM! marketing strategic and and and don't know what politic blablabla!

yesterday went to my friend house to have dinner together and she cook for us

just a simple meal but it is fun XD
really fun if whole house is own friend
sure those neighbour will keep on complaint if i whole house is my friend ^_^

anyway i really hope that i will not fail again
PLEASE pray for me ><"
really hope i won't fail gain T^T
4am got to go
byex and sweet dream ^_^
and miss you!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Guess what? i do miss someone
That person who ask me don't miss he so much when he is not around >.<
Exam is at the corner but yet still i have the mood to play around
WT* what happen to me? i just want concentrate in my study but i can't! >.<

Sometimes do really ask myself few stupid question until i not really can get the answer
Just like Why you can't concentrate in your study? No answer for me T^T
In my mind i do really understand that no one can help me except myself
But i have no idea how to persuade myself that study!
QM is killing me! T^T Tomorrow is my last day to play T^T Then i have to do my revision d
Please pray hard for me to pass my
QM in this semester if not i really in Holly Sh*t

I do feel that my emo is finding for me >.<
too many feel in my heart and mind until i have no idea i should "serve" who 1st miss hard pressure and many more I feel i wanna cry T^T

I am not the fans of hello kitty but i love this picture
cause is just like my feel >.<
missing someone and emo-ing~

我說我豁出去了 如果我真的表白了
你不要遠離我 知道嗎?
如果不能當情人 我們還是可以當很好的朋友

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


tonight there will be a heavy meteor rain
according to my friend's status in facebook
whole malaysia will see it and the best time will be from 3am to 6am
once i saw this i wish i can see the meteor rain with you

Y0u again~ again~ and again~
just read my friend's blogspot
she said that its nice to know you and like you
i think she meet the same problem with me?
no idea,yes no maybe?
sometime will feel that why i just like a fool in love?
yiaks cherish~ yes i will do it!
btw lets have a look to this song
my in this few days cause the meaning just like what i feel now
close the music on the right corner before you click "PLAY" in this video

but is the sound from a boy toward a girl he like totally different with me

someone keep on ask me:why u haven study?
really @.@
cause no matter how i explain the reason
that person also think that i am playful
ZzZ already no idea how to explain to that person that although i am playful but i still nervous
not i don't want to study but my study way is i have to memorize before the exam
if not i will forget all
who ask i am those kind of person who lazy to explain and i really no idea
is my fault or others?
cause not really many people know what i am explaining or what i wanna mean
T^T am i so hard to understand?
actually i am nervous for my exam especially my QM
why just only few close friend understand that in the middle of the night i can't sleep well
i even think of to give up my degree T^T
someone will feel that i deserve it cause i did not study at all
promise to my friend start from tomorrow i have to study my QM is a must!
CZL you must!as he not around you MUST study!

so tire now eye keep on closing
purpose of this post? nope any but just to say
somehow i miss you >,<

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

should I?

time is running or maybe i should say flying
so fast i gonna back my hometown
gonna miss the life here or actually just miss you?
(>,<) i wish i have the courage to let you know my feel perhaps i will or i will not?
no idea about myself
i wish i can tell you that i fall for you but i quite sure i won't no idea
what i afraid of?
2 more weeks to go
tough for me to make decision should i tell you or i should not?
quite number of friend ask me go since i gonna back hometown soon
just tell you i fall for you
why i do not have the courage?
who can teach me how to do?
i hope you really will bring the dolphin for me haha will you?
yesterday got a friend ask me isn't i just fall for you when i here? when i back i will have no more feel to you
i asked myself for whole night what i get is: i will keep on come to here

how?? who can tell me?
should i tell you to get an answer or i should just let it go?
T^T suddenly wish i can stay here

Sunday, November 15, 2009

random random random~

woohoo previous time i was busy like hell about my project and now?
i free until darn sien in my room
i was stay at my room for around 2-3 days
except of lunch n dinner time other time i was in my room and watch all the movies that i have
argh~! boringgg XD
what to do neh?? all my movie almost finish by me XD
so i went to youtube to watch others video clip
keep on search all those beautiful GUY XD

wonder how if a group of boy band is Beauty Guy?

1. Kim JaeJoong-DBSK

2. Kim HeeChul-Suju
3. Lee HongGi-FT island

4. Kim Kibum-U-kiss
5. Park Jung Min-ss501

6. G-Dragon-Bigbang

haha Xd how if realy have this group out?
wow for me sure i crazy ><
oh most important add one member MASON MOON!!!
cause when he grow up sure a handsome also ><

Monday, November 9, 2009


i wish i can tell you but i do not hope that the result is you did not cherish me at all...
我真得很想要开口告诉你我的感觉 但是
之前一段的结果 我却步
因为我真得很害怕 你会不珍惜 我开口得到的爱情
怎么办?? 我很想念你
过后我们去看场电影 好不好??
我 我 我很想念你

下雨天了怎么办? 我好想你
我想打给你 却找不到原因~~

Thursday, November 5, 2009


here i come~ just suddenly feel wanna update here
not much can talk about nowadays just only buzy buSy busY
hopefully after next week i can be alright

i miss you!! T_T
but i hate myself so miss you cause it makes me feel moody T_T
声をきかせて can i ? pls pls~

i just left one month to be with my friend and with you
T_T yiaks
why i so moody now?!
stop think about this!! gonna sleep soon