Thursday, February 26, 2009


what can i do?
just went isng K at new way with my classmate since we dont have class
our datin cancel her class again and when i receive the mail
i was having my lunch at Window of Damansara in KDU
haha they so fun

singing K but we did not take pic
from 2 something till 7
wow~! killing me
till 7 no voice at all
but then my friend's bf is keep on calling till she so panic
so so so sorry we lie together to her bf
haha keep on find a excuse for own self
nah nah nah~~~

after heading back to house
found out the stupid owner still there
hat eto saw his car but then is his house
i wanna move out! but then
no room for me to rent
why so bad luck after i break the mirror?

cant sleep again
whole brain thinking of the stupid
why still cant let go huh?
stupid me~
just only the melody and my tears drop
direct and silent

你知道嗎 我很喜歡牽著你的手的感覺
那是什麼樣子 我好希望再來一次
整個宇宙 浩瀚無邊的盡頭 
每顆渺小星球 全都繞著你走
愛我 非你莫屬 
我只願 守護 由你給我的幸福
愛我 非你莫屬 
也許會 笑著哭 但那人是你所以 不怕苦
看 那麼多相遇 偏偏只和你 天造地設般產生奇蹟
哦 我心的縫隙 我想除了你 任誰也無法填補這空虛

Sunday, February 22, 2009


i hate my owner
fucking guy
scold ppl for nothing and now i want move out!
who know where can rent a house near kdu
and i want master room cause have my roommate too
help me please~~

Friday, February 20, 2009


i just dont know what happen to me?
so bad luck
i lost RM50 although it may not a big money
but then on this period of time
i damn need money!
i wish to buy a new hp and now i lost RM50 just because of my carelessss
oh Shit really Shit
and now i just realize that all the bad luck i had now have a big relation with MIRROR!
on the Valentine dayz i bought a new MIRROR but then i did not check it so i direct paid
after go back home i just found out that the MIRROR is broke!
ok fine i deal with it, think its my fault cause who ask me dont want to check before paid
then today i wen to 1u, for my last delicious dinner before i start my diet program~
forget there dont have Fish Market, so went to FISH&CO
thats not really delicious but then i am deal with it
walk walk walk in the 1u and went to buy MIRROR
once again, my bad luck with MIRROR
i think i drop my money at the shop cause i just take out the money when i paid
then the next destination i had found out that i lost it
how careless i am
and i having a badluck nowadayss
hate it!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

do re mi

no idea what happen to myself
miss redred make me feel s*cks
damn! my mood all down jor
who can save me please? cause i really feel su*k
just feel tire to be alone
just feel live for nothing
people live for what?
for try? for live?
or just to die?
babyxon said his world collapse
so do I
collapse for nothing for no reason
i hope i can be fine
yes i wish i can

tire slept

Monday, February 16, 2009

my V'tine

woohoo thats my valentine
meet with my dear 勤
then acting like crazy in pavillion
pass my V'tine without any surprize
haha wish have someone here
right here beside me but then its ok
my dream always cant come true
maybe is i too look for it

2morrow have a headache class
MICE-Datin Puteri
seee~~ saw her name also feel dizzzy
yup babe,bingo she really a troublemaker
but then her class its fun
and yet will be more fun if will not have so many assignment to do

sell myself without selling myself
my stupid presentation 2morrow
who know what to do?
babyXon say dont put price tagg
damn babyXon love your idea
hope you will be fine guy~
babe what to do?!
sell myself....
yiaks hate her assignment
and damn hot!
and stupid miss ang ang make me feel su*k

Saturday, February 14, 2009


情人节了呢 哈哈
直到现在我才知道 原来原来
你还在害怕 就觉得很可笑
怎么你还在害怕 她知道我的存在?
是因为 她知道我们曾经在一起?
所以她在吃醋? 那么她知不知道
她夺走了你 在我还在认为 我会和你在一起直到永远的时候
她夺走了你 在我还沉醉在和你幸福的时候
其实 事实是什么?
你玩弄了我 胡乱答应了她 然后瞒着她说你单身?
然后最后选择她 对吧?
我不知道 我应不应该生气他
渐渐的 我放下了你
你知道吗? 我很后悔
我是白痴吧 那个时候得我
但是 我很庆幸 我放下了你

情人节到了 我祝你

就这样 哈哈

Saturday, February 7, 2009


why i still lost with myself
what happen to me?
who can help me??
wonder wonder wonder
wonder everything in my life
my life full of wonder?
wonder this and that
feel my life just nothing else
everyday wake up at 635
be the 1st
then? bath
then? prepare to school
then? break
then? eat
then? study
then? back
then? online
then? sleep
then? continue again again again and again
nothing special in my life
getting freaking of this