Monday, July 12, 2010

river flow

機械式的生活 忽然很想要有個肩膀
有時候想想 原來這就是往後我20年的生活?
唔 不多 20年 活到42嵗 世界上不再有我
42年在地球上 我願意

或許是因爲討厭吧 和不喜歡的人打工
每天都在計算著彼此 我無法開心過活
果然和丫頭說的一樣 申辯和你一起打工的人真得很重要
是期待上班 還是悶悶上班 果然和人有關
啊~ 不說了
再説下去 今天心情一定會很爛

p/s:7月份 我的大日子呢

Thursday, July 1, 2010

1st of July

suddenly so miss the time
when i have study trip with my degree classmate
when we hang out at Macau in the night
go to 7-11,take all those weird pic,and play with the puppies

suddenly so miss the time
when i have party with my PM members
every month will have people birthday
every time think all those idea to bully the person who birthday
this restaurant that place some more Genting

suddenly so miss the time
when i overnight at member's house
at night chit-chat say this say that
play wii and also bed time story

now my life full of work
when just i can back to those time?

Taeyang fighting!

7月1日 太陽打韓國出發!
tae yang so hott~ XD
GD so handsome ><