Saturday, January 23, 2010

huh ah erm

i have been ask to go for an interview at Eastin hotel
just a few seconds and it's done!

Monday Monday Monday MMMOOONDAAAYY
can i escape? yupz i know i am useless
my mind really make me @_@
one side of my mind is asking me to go for a work if not i will become the first person who dead because of no money
but another side keep on asking me lazy until CNY pass
yupz CNY coming soon
nothing much special
hoping someone will come back
i just need his advise @_@
haha for sure i need you guys too but just miss him craziness

working life in-coming!~
but i have the fight of interview life first
think of angpao 1st la
don't know what am i talking about
just @#$%

Saturday, January 9, 2010

hanging out

i heard that my grandpa birthday is comin soon~
grr my mum is asking me to buy some present for he
argh! i just XX to do so
can't blame me because he is the one who teach me the cruel of humanity
anyway i am not a good granddaughter but i am a good daughter
so i will listen to what my mum say
so later i am going out and search for the present and of cause

CNY cumin soon and this year fall in Valentine
sure lots couple will dump their parents in house and hang out with the lover
anyway i will be stay in my house and face my cute laptop as usual
PITY me T^T no one date me and i can't date anyone due to Valentine

Cousin cuming so i have to prepare myself
well all the pic of shanghai and thailand in my wretch and facebook
as usual i am lazy bug so so my dear babe here
could u guys just go to my wretch if you guys want to have a looks
muak muak

heart you guys


i just lazy to update my blog due to too many movie i have to catch up
2010 just passes for around one week and i jz have my new life for this one week
everyday do the same thing
wake up-->online-->watch movie-->eat-->sleep-->eat--->online-->eat
WTH boring!!

the end of my story with him and the story won't post here cause i had post in my another blog d
nothing regret in 2009~

and now i damn angry to someone who ask me wait he online until now also haven
dun wan care d
sleeping time!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy belated 2010 new year
everything will back to normal!