Saturday, December 26, 2009


good~~ wait i back from shang hai i really will upload all the pic ^_^
little princess wait me~~
dun go police station Y

Thursday, December 24, 2009

just random

i know i know
i long time did not update
MERRY CHRISTMAS all my babies muak

i saw he again before i really come back here
bought he the shirt hope he like it
and also
i decide to tell he about my feel le
anyway~ no matter what is the answer
i just dun wan regret in my life XD

26 early in the morning i have to fly again~~
go SHANGHAI! but cold
stupid 命儿keep on say i will freeze at there T^T

Thailand trip is a best memory for me
thanks all my PM dear~
我在 但是我又要消失了~
想念你 么么

merry christmas all my dear!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

6/12 i love this day

looking at the pic and so miss you
once i back and online
those people who know i decide keep on ask me
did I did I
when i answer is no they all like wanna punch me T^T
sowie la wei ~
i just not dare and u and her really make me jealous
obviously i dislike her and i have no idea how to hide the hate against her
i have those pic and i should satisfied? perhaps
if the farewell i can see you again, i have a wish to done also
actually is should be done on yesterday night when puri time
but no idea its not going like i plan T^T
somemore i just select 4 pics half of the 8 shoots
anyway~ i got paranoid with you and puri
i just need another type of picture
hope can see you that time and i will do it i guess
babyXon keep on say i am stupid T^T
just because of not dare i let you go~
argh~ so miss you right now until i keep on punch xon XD
smile because of you and cried because of you too
61113! i miss you T^T

the day we take puri

Monday, December 7, 2009

part of

today i just done part of my wish
i have a puri with someone
its happy but not the happy ending
i still not dare to tell he that i love he
should i or i should not?
the relationship is so complicated
between he his her and she
why everything so complicated
tomorrow back hometown and one week later i am back
if is sms and tell can it means i done with my hope?
i do miss he right now... but how about he?
miss me too? or just miss her

Sunday, December 6, 2009


perhaps i should not have the wish
maybe now i will not so sad
the relation still a 0 but why my heart will pain?
just because i can't fulfill my dream?
anyway anyhow
day by day
i knew that he is inside my heart
deeper and deeper

Thursday, December 3, 2009


everyone is enjoy their holiday since yesterday and now
104pm is my turn! Officially not a student anymore ^_^
finally i done my resit paper that stupid QM which make me headache for more than one week!
plus it makes me pressure until i cry before i enter that hall T^T
anyway i have no idea my answer is correct or wrong but IT'S DONE and OVER
nothing i can change once i walk out from the hall
just can pray that i can pass..i don't want A
i just want pass~ 16marks for QM, 10 marks for Strategy Marketing

I have no clue how to describe my feeling right now~
excited? YES cause i done with my life as student
afraid? YEAP cause i don't know what i gonna do next
happy? SURE cause i done my exam
wonder? YEA cause i don't know what i want and what someone need~
so R~O~J~A~K la me!

tonight's gonna be a good good night
i don't want to let any single of time which i can spen with you

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


但是還是很開心你記得了 ><'
現在很沒有心情的更新 好累
晚安 想念你

Please don't go 내곁에 stay